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Rebecca J. Leeman-Neill, MD, PhD

Board Certifications: 
Pathology - Anatomic, Pathology - Hematology
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Credentials & Experience

Board Certifications

  • Pathology - Anatomic
  • Pathology - Hematology

Clinical Expertise

  • Hematology
  • Hematopathology


Education & Training

  • PhD, 2008 University of Pittsburgh
  • MD, 2010 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • Internship: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Fellowship: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Honors & Awards

2010 Robert E. Lee, MD Award for Excellence in Anatomic Pathology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

2007 AACR-Women in Cancer Research Brigid G. Leventhal Scholar in Cancer Research Travel Award to AACR Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research \

2007 American Society for Clinical Pathology Award for Academic Excellence and Achievement

2006 Scholar-in-Training Travel Award to AACR Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research

About Rebecca Leeman-Neill

Academic Titles

  • Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology

Hospital Affiliations

  • NewYork-Presbyterian / Columbia University Irving Medical Center


  • Female

Insurance Accepted


  • EPO
  • HMO
  • Medicare Managed Care
  • NYP Employee Plan
  • NY Signature
  • POS
  • PPO
  • Signature Administrators
  • Student Health


  • Medicare Managed Care
  • Special Needs Plan

Capital District Physician Health Plan

  • Capital District Physician Health Plan


  • EPO
  • Great West
  • HMO
  • POS
  • PPO


  • Medicare Managed Care
  • PPO


  • ConnectiCare
  • EPO
  • Essential Plan
  • HMO
  • Medicaid Managed Care
  • Medicare Managed Care
  • POS
  • PPO
  • Select Care (Exchange)
  • Vytra

Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • EPO
  • Medicare Managed Care
  • PPO

Local 1199

  • Local 1199


  • MagnaCare


  • Multiplan

MVP Health Care

  • Child/Family Health Plus
  • Essential Plan
  • HMO
  • Medicaid Managed Care

Oxford Health Plans

  • Freedom
  • Liberty


  • Columbia University Employee Plan
  • Compass (Exchange)
  • HMO
  • Medicaid (Community Plan)
  • Medicare Managed Care
  • POS
  • PPO

*Please contact the provider’s office directly to verify that your particular insurance is accepted.


Selected Publications

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Leeman-Neill, R. J., J. Lim, and U. Basu. The Common Key to Class-Switch Recombination and Somatic Hypermutation: Discovery of AID and Its Role in Antibody Gene Diversification. J Immunol. 2018 Nov 1;201(9):2527-2529

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