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Evaluation and Treatment After a First Seizure

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Evaluation and Treatment After a First Seizure


It can be scary if you or someone you care about has a seizure for the first time.

When you see the doctor, they will try to figure out why you had the seizure. And they will figure out if you need treatment.

Seizures can be caused by lots of things. Examples are infections, epilepsy, medicines, and problems in the brain like a stroke or tumor. So you will have some tests. Most people will have blood tests, an electroencephalogram (EEG), and an MRI. Some people will need other tests, like a CT scan or a lumbar puncture.

Then the doctor will figure out if you need medicine to prevent more seizures. This depends on the chances that you might have another seizure. For example, if your seizure was caused by a medicine, treatment usually isn't needed. After the medicine leaves your body, there's no more risk that you'll have a seizure. But you might need treatment if, for example, your EEG results aren't normal or you have an infection.

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Current as of: December 20, 2023

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