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How to Build Well-Being

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How to Build Well-Being

Getting Started

Practicing thoughts and behaviors that boost your health may help build well-being. These include everything from how you deal with stress to eating and sleeping well. Health includes physical, mental, and emotional pieces. Growth in any of those areas may improve well-being.

Here are some things you can do.

  • Practice gratitude.

    Be thankful for your friendships and tell your friends why you appreciate them. Notice the parts of your life that are going well and focus on those. Appreciate the little things: a nice day, a pet, or a good meal.

  • Find a physical activity that you enjoy.

    Some people are happier, less stressed, and sleep better when they're active.

  • Consider adding creative pursuits.

    You can write in a journal, create art, or play music.

  • Prioritize sleep.

    Not getting enough sleep may increase your risk of accidents, high blood pressure, and feeling depressed. Going to bed and waking up at the same time may help. You can also use a calming routine, like reading, bathing, or listening to music before bed.

  • Accept help.

    When you're struggling, sharing your thoughts and feelings may help you feel better. You can talk to someone helpful to you or a counselor.

  • Accept your thoughts because they're not right or wrong.

    It's healthy to identify feelings early in order to process them. It's okay to feel down when things are hard.

These are just a few ways to build well-being. There are many more. Try a few of these, or maybe you'll come up with one of your own.

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Current as of: June 24, 2023

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