Pediatric Dentistry

A little girl getting ready to get her teeth cleaned


Children's dental issues can range from “baby bottle” tooth decay and thumb sucking to breaking teeth while playing sports. No matter the pediatric dental condition, ColumbiaDoctors pediatric dentists provide compassionate, high-quality dental care and are specially trained to deal with children’s oral health from infancy through adolescence.

Our team places a strong emphasis on prevention and education, working with families to instill good dental habits. At each visit, we do our best to put both you and your child at ease. We have toys and movies at hand, and our staffs know how to reassure frightened children, especially those in pain. Our bilingual hygienists and receptionists are sensitive to cultural concerns and will carefully explain any necessary procedure to family members.

We are also known for our exceptional treatment of children with physical and developmental issues, and for our collaboration with other specialists, when helping children with complex medical conditions. As a result, many dentists in the tri-state area refer their patients to us.

Your child may be seen at one of our faculty practices in midtown and upper Manhattan, or at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, ranked one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation.

Making Dental Visits a Positive Experience

Ideally, you will bring your child to the dentists soon after his or her first birthday. You can hold your baby on your lap then lean back in the chair as the dentist looks inside your baby’s mouth. The goal of this first visit is to make going to the dentist a positive experience.

Later on, routine visits will include cleaning, topical fluoride application, and general screening. Our pediatric dentists take care of fillings and extractions and work closely with orthodontists to straighten teeth.

State of the Art Dentistry

Our pediatric dentists offer the latest and most innovative treatments, in a child-friendly environment.

If you are concerned about exposing your child to radiation from dental x-rays, please note that we use the newest, state-of-the art machines, requiring only minimal radiation---amounts so small that they occur in nature.

A Team Approach to Complex Medical Conditions

Our pediatric dentists take a collaborative team approach when dealing with children with complex medical conditions. We have strong working partnerships with specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiology and oncology. As part of a large university medical center, we are able to provide instant access to a wide range of medical experts and deliver the highest-level multidisciplinary care.

Convenient Locations

We offer comprehensive dental care at the following locations:

  • Faculty Practices at several locations throughout Manhattan. These pediatric dentists are full-time faculty members at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Faculty practices accept the Columbia Dental Plan and offer fees similar to other private practices in the area.
  • Our Haven Avenue dental clinic. Our clinic is staffed by residents who graduated from the top of their class, supervised by prestigious faculty from the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. The fees for services provided at the clinic are significantly lower than most private practices.