Pediatric Cancer & Blood Disorders

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Cancer & Blood Disorders

Revolutionizing the Treatment and Care of Children With Cancer and Blood Disorders

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Our pediatric oncology/hematology program is nationally and internationally recognized for providing expert, compassionate care to young patients with cancer and blood disorders--and for conducting the most advanced research. One of the largest and most distinguished programs in the country, our physicians are referred patients from across the United States and abroad. We treat more than 1,500 children and adolescents with cancer and blood disorders each year. 

We are dedicated to finding and providing the most effective therapies to treat and prevent disease so that our patients can return to lives that are as normal and productive as possible. 

Because many pediatric diseases are rare, our experience and expertise play a critical role in arriving at a correct diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan. Our team of specialists collaborates to customize a regimen of care for each patient, tailored specifically to his or her disease and delivered in a family-friendly setting. Individual treatment plans integrate complementary medicine, which is delivered through the Center for Comprehensive Wellness, the first program of its kind for children with cancer.

We create a treatment experience that gives patients their best chance to overcome their disease but also prioritizes their quality of life. We want our patients to experience as much of their childhoods as possible. 

A diagnosis of cancer or a blood disorder is a challenging experience for the entire family and involves enormous emotional, financial, and social pressures. We support families throughout treatment with a team of social workers, child life specialists, nutritionists, medicine specialists, psychologists, and other providers who offer coordinated supportive services so that families don’t feel like they have to go through therapy alone. Special programs are even available for siblings of patients. We do not just treat the disease; the shared goal of all team members is to support the whole patient along with his or her family.

Through our robust research program, we are improving outcomes for children with cancer and blood disorders every day. We are one of only 21 centers across the United States that is designated by the National Cancer Institute and the Children’s Oncology Group as a pediatric Phase I clinical trial site, allowing us to bring the newest therapies to patients in our care.

We are working hard to identify more precise methods to treat patients. Through our Precision in Pediatric Sequencing (PIPseq) program, we are now able to sequence all of the genes in our patients and identify specific changes responsible for the development of disease. That's just one example of the way we're working to deliver breakthrough treatments to children with cancer and blood disorders.

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