Center for Survivor Wellness

What Makes Our Program Different

We Provide Whole Person Care

At the Center for Survivor Wellness we recognize that treatment for pediatric and adolescent cancer affects more than just the body. We attend to the on-going impact of cancer treatment on the family, relationships, body image, school and employment.

We See Survivors of All Ages

We do not have an upper age limit for seeing survivors of pediatric and adolescent cancers and currently see patients in their thirties and forties. We believe that a constant point of care provides continuity of care.

We See Survivors Regardless of Where They Were Treated

With New York City as a destination for college, graduate school and employment, we know that many survivors leave behind their treating hospitals but still need long term follow-up. We welcome patients who were treated elsewhere but now call NYC and the greater tri-state area home.

Our Approach to Care

The First Visit

At the initial visit, each patient receives a treatment summary that also outlines recommendations for evaluation of long term complications and late effects as well as educational materials related to survivorship. Patients (and parents or significant others where appropriate) meet with a physician or nurse practitioner specializing in survivorship care as well as a nutritionist and psychologist to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Moving Forward

After the initial visit, referrals are made as needed to sub-specialists and where appropriate to other supportive care practitioners. On-going interventions related to nutrition, educational plans, and vocational plans as necessary. Patients continue to be seen on an annual basis.

Fertility Preservation

At the Center for Survivor Wellness we have a special interest in fertility preservation. We offer consultations and assistance with fertility preservation both at diagnosis and during survivorship.