Pediatric Cancer Foundation Developmental Therapeutics Program

The Pediatric Cancer Foundation Developmental Therapeutics Program (PCFDTP) at Columbia University Medical Center was established with the single-minded goal of offering care to patients when cancer recurs or doesn’t respond to treatment. Our approach is comprehensive and patient centered and is currently available in a very limited number of elite Pediatric institutions across the country.

What makes our program different

Overall, 75% of children diagnosed with cancer will be cured, but that still leaves too many children for whom our standard therapies are not succeeding.

Our commitment shows through extensive clinical trials

We offer over 30 clinical trials of novel anti-cancer agents, including first in children phase 1 and 2 trials, for patients with leukemia (including ALLAML and CML types), lymphoma (including Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s), brain tumors and extracranial solid tumors that are refractory (remain active after being treated) or recur after treatment.

Our work is recognized throughout the medical community

We are the only National Cancer Institute-sponsored Children’s Oncology Group Phase 1 Consortium site in the New York- New Jersey- Connecticut tri-state area. Our doctors also have national leadership roles in the clinical trials we offer.

Our program is also one of the founding members the Therapeutic Approaches to Childhood Leukemia (TACL) consortiumAdditionally, our program has earned recognition by the pharmaceutical industry as a “center of excellence” for the conduct of industry sponsored trials.

Our approach to care

We offer a range of therapies not usually available

Our diverse portfolio of medicines being evaluated in our many clinical trials gives our patients access to many therapies that are not available outside the context of a clinical trial, including:

  • New cytotoxic drugs that attack cancer cells
  • Targeted biologic agents
  • Immunotherapies that harness the power of the immune system
  • Oncolytic viruses that are specifically engineered to attack cancer, and
  • Locally applied injectable therapies

Innovative diagnostic facilities and a focused team

The PCFDTP is also home to our Precision in Pediatric Cancer through sequencing or “PIPseq” initiative. Our team consists of representatives from the oncology department, nurse practitioners, and research administrators, who are equally dedicated to the individual health of each patient and the clinical data generated to help entire populations.

The PCFDTP is a research-focused department that will not settle for merely “good” outcomes in pediatric cancer. Our tireless team conducts many clinical trials and is at the forefront of current research in pediatric cancer. This program allows our patients to access a range of therapies and methods not typically available outside of a clinical trial.