The Center for Conservative Care for Spine and Scoliosis

The Center for Conservative Care for Spine and Scoliosis is our newest service designed for the treatment of early onset scoliosis in young children, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, the treatment of adult spine conditions, and enhanced mobility for aging the spine. Dr. Michael Vitale and our team of Schroth therapists, nurse practioners, and NYRC bracing experts are renowned leaders in the field of conservative treatment approaches for scoliosis, as well as in the care and treatment of patients for pre- and post- surgical intervention to improve outcomes and maintain healthy results.

Schroth Physical Therapy

The Schroth Method is a conservative physical pratice for individuals with scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Through specific exercises and corrective breathing techniques, the Method aims to elongate the trunk and correct the imbalances of the body. By developing the inner muscles of the rib cage, the Method changes the shape of the upper trunk to correct spinal abnormalities.

Specific goals of the Schroth Method are to stabilize the curve(s), mobilize stiff body parts, improve postural alignment, teach activities of daily living, enhance neuromuscular control, and increase strength and endurance.

Our therapists are members of the Conservative Care for Spine and Scoliosis team at Columbia Orthopedics and work collaboratively with adult and pediatric orthopedic spine specialists to treat early onset scoliosis in young children, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, adult spine disorders, and conditions that affect the aging spine.

NYRC Brace

The New York RC Brace (NYRC brace) is based on the tried and true principles of Dr. Manuel Rigo and Dr. Jacques Cheneau, while maximizing in-brace frontal curve correction and sagittal balance, specific to your patient’s native pelvic incidence. The 3D biomechanical design of the NYRC brace complements the Schroth Physical Therapy Method. To slow the scoliosis curve progression Schroth therapists teach patients to improve their postural alignment with specific exercises and positions. The NYRC brace helps to achieve the greatest 3D in-brace correction possible, contributing to the schroth treatment, exercises, and physical therapy. Sagittal balance has proved important in adult spinal deformity, maintenance of balance during scoliosis treatment has lasting effects. Both the therapists and the bracing system work to achieve this goal.

The NYRC Brace is a highly customized orthosis manufactured with the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies, and it has been developed to provide, for each case, the most reliable and effective results during the conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. Each NYRC brace is carefully designed and fabricated in New York (U.S.A.).

John Tunney BOCPO NYRC brace Expert and East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp. are available directly in our office so that you are able to see them at the time of visit with your physician.

For more information on the New York RC brace, please visit the East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp. website or call 631-392-2237.

Expert Clinical Care

Jennifer Hope is a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who manages the Scoliosis Conservative Care Program at Columbia Orthopedics. She began her career at New York Presbyterian in 2007 as an RN, caring for pediatric scoliosis patients in the post-operative setting. She then earned a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Columbia University in 2014 and is thrilled to continue her work in orthopedics as an NP. Jennifer believes in family-centered care and in taking an holistic approach to treatment. She is a strong advocate and an excellent resource for families interested in preventing scoliosis through bracing and Scoliosis Specific Physical Therapy. In 2015, she attended an intensive seminar on this topic presented by Dr. Manuel Rigo. Jennifer has a keen interest in research, and is actively studying the role of proper brace wear in preventing progression to scoliosis surgery. She holds degrees from Columbia University, Quinnipiac University, and Loyola University.

EOS Low-Dose Imaging Technology

In addition to having access to world renown spine surgeons for consultation, patients are also offered the latest in low-dose imaging technology with EOS X-ray available at multiple sites.