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Allergist inspecting girl's arm with a dermatoscope.

Asthma Program

Our Asthma program focuses on providing a comprehensive evaluation of asthma causes and delivering complete care. We evaluate over 1100 patients a year for their asthma.

At least half of all asthma is a result of having allergies. Our office focuses on identifying and managing asthma triggers, including allergens, to modify the disease and its course. Studies show that treating the allergies can improve asthma symptoms and reduce the need for medications.

We also are able to do a full range of diagnostic testing for disorders that mimic asthma, and manage the full spectrum of asthma including the most complex cases.

Our asthma research program includes national leaders in asthma research supported by the NIH and other organizations for over 19 years. Areas of active investigation include:

  • Environmental interventions in the management of asthma
  • The relationship between the onset of allergy and onset of asthma
  • Air pollution exposure and asthma, allergy
  • Chemical exposure and asthma, allergy
  • Environmental epigenetic regulation of asthma, allergy
  • Environmental causes of asthma between twins