Wheezy Infant

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Wheezing in very young children is a common problem, especially among premature babies and among children under the age of two years. The smallest children have the smallest airways so they are most susceptible to various environmental triggers. Our pediatric pulmonologists will consider the medical history, conduct a focused exam, and help guide testing and management.  Croup, which often is a result of a common cold, may instead cause more of a loud barking cough.

What are the causes of wheeze in an infant?

Causes of wheeze in an infant include infections, usually viral.  These infections may cause such extensive inflammation as to cause “bronchiolitis”.  Asthma, allergies, gastroesophgeal reflux disease, and obstructive sleep apnea also can cause wheezing in an infant.

What is the treatment of wheeze in an infant?

Proper treatment of wheeze in an infant depends on the proper diagnosis.  It could range from treatment of an infection to treatment of asthma with anti-inflammatory medicines.  In a small percent of cases, a child may need to go to the hospital immediately to treat breathing problems.