Food Allergy Program

Food allergies in children can be especially difficult to identify. They range from mild to severe, and finding the cause can be challenging. The number of children with this type of allergy is also on the rise. Our pediatric gastroenterologists have established a special program to diagnose young patients and created customized treatment plans for every child with this condition.

Our multidisciplinary team offers wellness and support services to help families manage their children’s food allergies and deal with any nutritional deficiencies associated with eliminating certain foods. If a child proves allergic to lactose, for example, and has to avoid dairy products, our nutritional counselors will work with parents to ensure the child receives the necessary nutrients. Education is an important part of our mission. Our team creates life strategies that help family members deal with newly diagnosed conditions, understand why certain foods trigger an allergic reaction, and what to do when this occurs.

To make an appointment with a specialist in the Food Allergy Program call 212-305-5903.