Pediatric Hospital Medicine

doctor examining pensive boy's ear

Hospital Medicine

ColumbiaDoctors Pediatric Hospital Medicine team provides the highest quality care for infants, children, and adolescents in the hospital setting. Our emphasis is on patient and family centered care, with particular attention to the coordination of multiple services needed to treat the illness that led to the current hospitalization, while optimizing a child’s overall health and helping to prevent future health problems.

Our team treats patients with general pediatric medical diagnoses such as asthma, bronchiolitis, skin and soft tissue infections, and pneumonia, using guidelines and protocols based on the most recent evidence.  We co-manage many surgical and medical specialty patients, including patients who have undergone ophthalmologic surgery, neurosurgery, selected orthopedic surgeries, and those with complex dermatologic conditions.

We also have particular expertise in the care of children with chronic, complex illnesses with multi-system disease requiring many specialty services.  We collaborate closely with our pediatric medical and surgical colleagues to ensure that our patients receive the most effective treatments.  In addition, we collaborate closely with our primary care colleagues to ensure smooth transitions home, along with all the necessary outpatient services and care.  We partner with our multidisciplinary team to provide resources and services critical to care that addresses the child and family in a holistic manner.

The pediatric hospitalist team members are key partners to leadership at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in ensuring care and systems that optimize health and disease management, while being the best possible stewards of resources.  We work to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary resource utilization, while ensuring patient safety and quality of care in the hospital setting.