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Enteral Nutritional Therapy (Pediatric)

What is enteral nutritional therapy?

This treatment entails modifying the diet to reduce intestinal inflammation in children with Crohn’s disease. Enteral nutritional therapy is customized based on each child’s needs and works well in tandem with medications, if they are needed. The standard form of enteral nutritional therapy is exclusive enteral nutrition, in which all calories are taken as liquid formula.

What are the benefits of enteral nutritional therapy?

This treatment has few adverse side effects. It not only treats the inflammation but also accounts for all the calories needed for a child to maintain good nutrition.

How do you determine who qualifies for enteral nutritional therapy?

Treatment depends on the type of inflammatory bowel disease diagnosed in the child. Our team incorporates the preferences of the child and his/her family in all treatment decisions.

Who is on the medical care team for patients doing enteral nutritional therapy?

Our team includes a pediatric gastroenterologist, a nurse practitioner (educator), and a dietician.

What does enteral nutritional therapy entail for pediatric patients and their families?

Our medical care team works closely with children and their families to establish a personalized routine for treatment periods of 6-8 weeks, and to educate them about their options, which include ingesting formula by mouth or by using a nasogastric feeding tube.

How is enteral nutritional therapy monitored for best results?

Our medical care team schedules phone calls and follow-up appointments during the treatment period to monitor the child’s progress and address any concerns.

What is the prognosis for patients who choose enteral nutritional therapy?

Many patients are able to get their disease under control and into remission. This treatment is not a cure, but it does have the potential to improve a child’s quality of life and limit the side effects of medications.