What to Expect

Vascular anomalies can be quite complex as they affect the blood and lymphatic vascular system—the basic infrastructure of the human body. They often present early in life as birthmarks on the skin's surface but may affect deeper structures underneath the birthmark. Vascular anomalies can also affect internal structures with no visible birthmarks, and they can affect any location in the body. Because complex vascular anomalies may not fall neatly into one medical specialty, they often require a multidisciplinary approach, which is available to you and your child through our program.

Many disorders involving the capillaries, veins, and lymphatic system occur in combination with genetic disorders. Our team may recommend genetic testing and analysis to determine whether an underlying genetic disorder is causing the condition. Our experienced geneticists provide education, support, and counseling. 

At Columbia, your child will have access to a wide variety of specialists who work together. If your child is hospitalized for treatment, the team will oversee their care during the hospital stay.

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