Port Wine Stains (Capillary Malformations)

Baby being bottle fed by her mother

Port Wine Stains (Capillary Malformations)

About Port Wine Stains

Port wine stains or birthmarks are permanent and visible and are caused by malformations in the smallest blood vessels in the skin. Port wine stains exist throughout life, and the birthmark will change in appearance as the child matures, often darkening and becoming more noticeable. Sturge-Weber syndrome is a rare vascular disorder where port-wine birthmarks are present and abnormal blood vessels in the brain and eye, which can cause glaucoma. 


Port wine stains symptoms include: 

  • Pink or red stains on the skin, they can be located anywhere on the body gradually becoming darker over time. 
  • Thickening of the lesions can occur and become raised and bumpy.
  • Enlargement of the soft tissue including fatty tissue, muscle, and bone in the region where the birthmark is located. 

Treatments We Offer

Columbia doctors are experienced in treating port wine stains and know that the earlier the intervention, the better the potential outcomes for your child. Columbia doctors can use laser therapy to lighten the stain coloring.

Why Choose Columbia?

Diagnosing, monitoring, and treating port wine stains are what Columbia doctors do best. Our team of experts will help your child and your family feel comfortable, understood, and cared for every step of the way.