Pyogenic Granuloma

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Pyogenic Granuloma

About Pyogenic Granuloma

Pyogenic granulomas are common, non-cancerous, small red bumpy growths found on the skin and mucous membranes, usually on the head and neck on children. They are formed by blood vessels, generally after an injury or can arise within other vascular anomalies such as port wine stains


A pyogenic granuloma begins as a small bump but can grow rapidly over a few weeks to a few months. They can bleed easily and in large amounts, which can be scary for parents.


Columbia doctors will perform an exam to make sure that the growth is not cancerous and may need a skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatments We Offer

Most pyogenic granulomas continue to bleed without treatment, so they should be removed to prevent recurrences. Columbia doctors can remove them, often with little scarring, and treat pyogenic granulomas in several ways, including: 

  • Certain topical ointments and creams.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Shave removal followed by electrocautery.
  • Surgery. 

Why Choose Columbia?

Columbia doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating pyogenic granulomas with compassion and state-of-the-art care and will provide you with the best treatment options for your child.