Vascular Anomalies Program

Columbia's Vascular Anomalies Program provides expert, compassionate care for infants, children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of vascular anomalies—problems that develop in the blood and lymphatic vessels and that cause birthmarks or growths. For almost 20 years our interdisciplinary team has treated children with vascular anomalies ranging from simple strawberry birthmarks to the rarest and most complex vascular anomalies affecting multiple organ systems. We are known for our high standard of care, compassionate approach, and deep expertise in diagnosing and managing these often challenging conditions. 

Our physicians, nurses, and administrators will guide your child and family through the evaluation and treatment process. 

About Vascular Anomalies

Interdisciplinary Care

Vascular anomalies can be quite complex as they affect the blood and lymphatic vascular system—the infrastructure of the human body. They often present early in life as birthmarks on the skin surface but may affect deeper structures underneath the birthmark. Vascular anomalies can also affect internal structures with no visible birthmarks, and they can affect any location in the body. Because complex vascular anomalies may not fall neatly into one particular medical specialty, they often require a multidisciplinary approach, which is available to you and your child through our program.

Through our Vascular Anomalies Clinic patients have access to a wide variety of specialists who work together and coordinate care. If your child is hospitalized for treatment, the team will oversee his or her care during the hospital stay.

If your child needs more extensive care from a particular specialist, he or she will be followed in that physician’s practice as well as in our Vascular Anomalies Clinic.

Many disorders involving the capillaries, veins, and/or lymphatic system occur in combination with genetic disorders. Our team may recommend genetic testing and analysis to determine whether an underlying genetic disorder is causing the condition. Our experienced geneticists provide education, support, counseling, and can participate in your child's care. 

Vascular Anomalies Treatment

Innovative Treatments

Members of our Vascular Anomalies Program are actively engaged in clinical and laboratory research and collaborate in clinical trials with specialists from other national and international medical centers. Through our participation in these studies your child has access to the most up-to-date therapies and treatment methods for his or her condition. 

A Team of Experts

Vascular anomalies can affect any part of the body. The best outcomes require a diverse team of experts working closely together to manage each patient's care. Our team of physicians and nurses include pediatric specialists in:

  • dermatology
  • diagnostic and interventional radiology
  • clinical genetics
  • interventional neuroradiology
  • maternal fetal medicine
  • cardiology
  • hematology/oncology
  • ophthalmology
  • orthopedics
  • otolaryngology
  • surgery
  • plastic surgery

Referrals and Second Opinions

Some vascular anomalies can be monitored and managed by pediatricians who have experience with these conditions. When your child needs more specialized evaluation or treatment, though, it's important that he or she has access to a team with an interdisciplinary approach to diagnosing and managing these conditions and with expertise in a range of conditions. Referrals to our program come from pediatricians, dermatologists, hematologists, and surgeons, and families come to us from across the country for our high level of care and for second opinions.