1 Train Service Resumes at 168th Street Station

The year-long elevator replacement project at the 168th Street station has wrapped up early, meaning our patients can once again use the 1 train to come see us at the medical center campus.

On Dec. 20, 2019, the 1 line rejoined theĀ A and C in regular service at the station.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority made the following upgrades to the station:

  • Replaced the elevators
  • Repaired the elevator shafts
  • Reopened rear vestibules at the lower mezzanine to ease boarding and exiting the elevators
  • Installed a back-up battery to allow customers to exit the elevators in the case of a power failure
  • Replaced all support machinery
  • Installed two security cameras in each elevator cab for increased security
  • Installed new communications equipment to speed up response time if there's any problem with an elevator
  • New lighting in the lower mezzanine
  • Redid the historic tile work in the lower mezzanine, including salvaging old tile and installing completely new tile to match