Preventive Medicine

doctor listening senior woman's heart using stethoscope

Preventive Medicine

At ColumbiaDoctors, leading-edge Preventive Medicine starts with experts in the field.

Our internationally recognized center for research in atherosclerosis and metabolism of lipids, including cholesterol, was originally directed by Dr. DeWitt S. Goodman, founding chairman of the National Cholesterol Education Program, which developed the national criteria for treatment of high blood levels of cholesterol to prevent heart disease.

This outstanding legacy continues in our current program, led by Dr. David Seres, Director of Clinical Nutrition, who is one of the few physicians in the country with a primary focus on hospital-based nutrition. We offer hospital programs in total parenteral nutrition and supplementary enteral nutrition, as well as consultation on feeding issues and malnutrition.

Patients with lipid metabolism disorders who are at risk for either pancreatitis or coronary artery disease receive care through our Center for Heart Disease Prevention, which is led by internationally recognized leaders in clinical lipid disorders. Patients are seen by Dr. Henry N. Ginsberg who is internationally recognized as a leader in clinical lipid disorders.

Patients also benefit from access to our renowned research program, which is often among the first to study new drugs to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, and related diseases.

Our specialties include:

  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nutrition Support Service

Patients are seen at 622 W. 168th St., Suite 9-983.‚Äč