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U.S. News & World Report: Best Hospitals National in Urology 2020-2021
Proud partner of NewYork-Presbyterian, ranked #5 in Urology

ColumbiaDoctors Urology is one of the oldest and most accomplished programs in the nation.  Ranked No. 1 in New York and among the top five in the nation by US News and World Report, our physicians are internationally recognized experts in many fields.   Our providers focus on urologic oncology, benign prostate enlargement (BPH), neurology/urodynamics (bladder disorders), pediatric urology, female urology, reconstructive surgery, urolithiasis (stone disease), male and female sexual dysfunction, and male infertility.

Our history of excellence in patient care started with the founding of the J. Bentley Squier Urological Clinic at Columbia University in 1917, establishing Columbia as a leader in urological care for nearly a century. First discoveries made by Columbia urologists include the first to characterize bladder carcinoma in situ (localized), treated differently from other such cancers; the first to describe renal tuberculosis, a form of advanced kidney infection;  and the first to outline and use the now well-known PSA (prostate-specific antigen) density test.  

We are committed to minimally invasive surgery, which allows our physicians to treat many conditions through small cosmetic incisions without compromising cure or outcome. We have extensive experience in robotic laparoscopic surgery for prostate and kidney cancer, and our faculty has developed the techniques and instrumentation that allow for laparoscopic removal of either the entire kidney or portions of the kidney for the treatment of kidney tumors.

Our Expertise

General Urology

We offer prompt access to state-of-the-art care for virtually all urologic conditions. Our urologists are authorities in making a diagnosis and treatment of conditions for patients with symptoms such as voiding dysfunction, elevated PSA, urinary retention, urinary tract infections, blood in the urine, sexual dysfunction and male infertility.

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Urologic Oncology

ColumbiaDoctors urologists, in conjunction with the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, lead one of the nation's premier urologic cancer treatment facilities. Our doctors, internationally recognized in their fields, develop and offer the newest medical therapies and surgical procedures for urologic cancer, tailored to provide optimal care for each patient and minimize the effects on quality of life. Our patients have access to the latest therapies and surgical approaches to treating cancer, including minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.

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Sexual Function and Infertility

ColumbiaDoctors urologists are skilled in the diagnosis of all types of male sexual dysfunctions from behavioral therapies to the latest medical and surgical approaches and offer the full range of treatments. We also treat men with infertility problems, whether they are related to problems with sexual function or arise from hormonal or anatomical abnormalities, and offer from most common to the most advanced procedures to give each patient the best chance of conception.

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Urinary Disorders

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of disorders of the bladder, urethra, pelvis, vagina, penis, and prostate. Our physicians use behavioral and dietary modifications, medical therapy, and surgical techniques—including many minimally invasive options—to treat conditions including male and female urinary incontinence, neurogenic and overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, complex genitourinary reconstruction, and painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis, as well as gender-specific disorders, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis in men and vaginal or pelvic organ prolapse and urethral or vaginal abnormalities in women.

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Kidney Stone Center

The urologists and nephrologists in our Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center offer state-of-the-art technology for the evaluation and management of kidney stones. They have expertise in all aspects of surgical treatment for stones—from the basic to the most complex stone disease, including percutaneous nephrolithotomy, shockwave lithotripsy (SWL), ureteroscopy, robotic surgery/laparoscopy, and, in the rarest of cases, open surgery. We are also a major referral center for the treatment of complications that can occur during the management of kidney and ureteral stones.

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Reconstructive Urology

World-renowned surgeons at the Center for Reconstructive Urology at Columbia University Medical Center perform hundreds of reconstructive procedures each year to treat and repair complex urologic complications, and injuries that result from cancer treatments failed surgeries, radiation therapy, and urologic trauma, as well as congenital urinary defects. We offer quality-of-life surgery and interventions to treat problems of urination, urinary control, and sexual function, and have extensive experience in the surgical repair and maintenance therapy of less common problems, such as congenital urologic issues like spina bifida, bladder exstrophy, and hypospadias.

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Pediatric Urology

ColumbiaDoctors pediatric urology program is one of the most active in the country for the treatment of children who are born with or later develop problems in their urinary tract, adrenal gland, or genitalia. We focus on a wide range of problems affecting children, including incontinence, obstructions in the urinary tract, adolescent varicocele, vesicoureteral reflux, undescended testes, genital abnormalities, and tumors of the kidney, bladder, vagina, and testes in children. We are nationally recognized for innovative programs in the reconstruction of genito-urinary malformations and ambiguous genitalia.

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Our specialists care for adults at the Herbert Irving Pavilion at Columbia University Medical Center in Washington Heights, the Allen Hospital, and ColumbiaDoctors Midtown, located at 51 West 51st Street. Pediatric patients are seen at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.