Infectious Diseases

doctor doing a medical examination of a female patient

Infectious Diseases

ColumbiaDoctors infectious disease specialists, part of faculty of Columbia University Medical Center’s world-renowned Department of Medicine, have a long tradition of providing meticulous, personalized care to patients with a wide range of infectious diseases. We work seamlessly with other services in the institution to bring multispecialty expertise and cutting-edge diagnostics to bear on the diseases we confront. Our team prides itself being ready for all challenges as this is necessary to support the mission of a world-class medical center. As an illustration of our breadth, our capabilities include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient consultations
  • Adult and pediatric infections
  • Infections in immunodeficient patients (eg, transplant recipients, patients receiving chemotherapy, individuals with HIV infection)
  • Infections in travelers
  • Occult processes such as sorting out the cause of fevers of unknown origin
  • Bacterial infections (including multidrug-resistant strains and device-related infections)
  • Viral infections (including HIV, herpes viruses, hepatitis B and C and emerging pathogens (eg, Zika virus)
  • Fungal infections
  • Mycobacterial infections (tuberculosis and related organisms)
  • Parasitic infections (eg, malaria)
  • Tick-borne infections (eg, Lyme disease, babesiosis, etc.)

Our goal is to help patients feel better as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible so they can lead longer, happier, healthier lives. Based on a patient's condition, our experts establish the best courses for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious disease.

Our approach to patient care is comprehensive and multidisciplinary. We utilize our academic strengths as teachers and researchers to bring the advances of medical science to the bedside as quickly as possible.

We have than 40 board-certified, multidisciplinary physicians and specialists, all of them affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian, ranked among the best medical institutions in the world. Our infectious disease specialists provide first-class patient-centered adult and pediatric care for an array of services, including:

General Consultations

Our knowledgeable physicians deliver expert advice for a variety of inpatient and outpatient services, offering up-to-date guidance on travel medicine, hepatitis infections, antimicrobial resistance, and diagnosis and treatment for bacterial, fungal, mycobacterial, parasitic and viral infections.

Transplant Services

We provide quality inpatient and outpatient care for the evaluation, prevention, and management of infectious diseases in both solid organ and bone marrow transplant recipients as well as blood cancer patients.

Inpatient Services

Dedicated to the care of patients with HIV and tuberculosis, our inpatient program provides compassionate, personalized support and treatment for immunocompromised individuals.

Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Prevention and Control

Our board-certified epidemiologists work closely with NewYork-Presbyterian’s infection prevention & control team to manage and prevent instances of hospital-related infections and infection outbreaks, minimize occupational hazards for healthcare providers, and develop educational materials for hospital staff, patients, and visitors.

HIV/AIDS Program

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of HIV primary care. We administer comprehensive outpatient care in a comfortable, supportive environment to more than 1,500 people living with HIV/AIDS, with an emphasis on meaningful, effective medical and psychosocial care, patient education, and family-centered interventions. We are also affiliated with the Columbia University Medical Center for HIV Prevention and Treatment Research, which supports research in critical areas like new drug development, translational research, antiretroviral therapy and HIV vaccine clinical trials, all with the goal of finding and developing better, safer and more effective HIV treatments and prevention techniques.

Pediatric Services

Our board-certified pediatric specialists provide care for a wide range of childhood infectious diseases, with a focus on collaboration between other departments and divisions, including dermatology, pulmonology, and orthopedics, to ensure the best possible care.