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How Could AI Detect Pancreatic Cancer?

March 26, 2024

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease that presents many challenges for doctors and patients. But the biggest one? By the time a person is diagnosed, the cancer has usually already spread, and the outlook is not good.  

Because the pancreas is in a tricky location in the body, and pancreatic cancer itself is aggressive and intense, it’s incredibly difficult to catch in its early stages. However, doctors and researchers and coming up with new ways daily to achieve the goal. And AI may be the right tool. 

Recently, AI was used by research scientists to help detect pancreatic cancer three years faster than could be done without the technology. 

“This is a tremendous breakthrough and a true lifesaver to be,” says John A. Chabot, MD, chief of GI/Endocrine Surgery and Executive Director of Columbia’s Pancreas Center. “If this technology was available to us today, we could identify pancreatic cancer and do surgery before it had a chance to grow.” 

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