Integrated Women's Health

At Columbia, we know that quality health care for women means providing comprehensive, coordinated care that looks at the whole woman. The Integrated Women’s Health Care Program at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, led by Mary Rosser, MD, PhD, delivers a broad range of women’s health care services. Our goal is to ensure every women gets the care she needs and is empowered to take an active role in her own health and well-being.

Our patient-centered approach involves coordination with specialists from across the medical center to deliver your personalized health care plan.

Our Services

Customized health care plan

You deserve a health care plan that is personalized to your individual needs, lifestyle, and genetic profile. We work with patients to treat the whole woman, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to any patient's care. With your Integrated Women's Health care team, you'll receive a customized health care treatment plan that tailored to you.

Nutrition counseling

Nutrition counseling can help you improve your overall health, manage medical conditions like allergies, and lower your risk for conditions like heart disease or high blood pressure. Our providers will work with you to develop a nutrition plan that works for your lifestyle and optimizes your health.

Communication and coordination of care with your providers

We offer assistance in scheduling routine and specialty appointments for our patients, with providers across the world-class CUIMC health system. Whenever necessary, we coordinate referrals for our patients to any specialty services or providers they may need or wish to seek care from. 

Screening and strategies for managing and reducing future healthcare risk factors

We help patients manage their risk and reduce their risk for future health conditions, including pregnancy complications, cardiac disease, cancer, and mental health issues. 

To make an appointment with our Integrated Women's Health team, please call (855) 756-2496.

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