Flat Feet (Pediatric)

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What are flat feet?

Flat feet have low or no arches. Feet may appear to be rolled in and/or each foot points outward.

What causes flat feet?

Flat feet are a normal finding in most children as they have low arches because of laxity or looseness. Usually, when a child is in a seated position or in a tip-toe position, an arch is present.

How are flat feet diagnosed?

A physical exam by one of our pediatricians or pediatric orthopaedists diagnoses this condition.

What is the treatment for flat feet?

There is no treatment for painless, flexible flat feet. We usually recommend a shoe that is a little wider to accommodate children's feet. Stiff and heavy shoes limit mobility and may cause children to have difficulty walking. Wide, flexible shoes are best for children to develop strength and maintain their mobility.