Insect Venom Allergy

What is the insect venom allergy?

Reactions to stinging insects (bees, yellow jacket, hornets and wasps) can range from mild to life-threatening. Reactions limited to the site of the sting are considered normal and to be expected.

What are the symptoms of insect venom allergy?

Life-threatening symptoms include flushing, hives, angioedema, wheeze, difficulty breathing, dizziness and shock. There is a 30-60% chance of another life-threatening reaction with subsequent stings.

What is the treatment for insect venom allergy?

Anyone who has had a severe reaction to an insect sting should undergo an allergy evaluation. Testing would include a combination of skin testing and blood testing in the allergists office. Immunotherapy with allergy shots is curative and strongly recommended for those with a history of a systemic reaction.