Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney (Pediatric)

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What is multicystic dysplastic kidney?

Multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK) describes a kidney replaced by cysts. The unaffected kidney usually functions well. Children with this condition are able to lead a normal life with some minor limits on high-speed activities, such as skiing.

How is multicystic dysplastic kidney diagnosed?

This condition does not cause symptoms and is usually found during a prenatal ultrasound. Sometimes a nuclear scan is required to differentiate MCDK from a blocked kidney as both may be similar in appearance on ultrasound. CT scans and MRIs are other imaging techniques that help to distinguish the diagnosis.

How is multicystic dysplastic kidney treated?

Studies show many MCDKs shrink with time. Even if the MCDK must be removed, surgery is rarely needed when the child is a newborn.