Complex Strabismus

About Complex Strabismus

As world-renowned strabismus specialists, Columbia ophthalmologists are experienced in treating patients with even the most complex of strabismus cases. These cases may occur because of a pre-existing condition or comorbidity such as thyroid disease, or because of a stroke, brain tumor or even head trauma.

Here are some complex strabismus conditions that Columbia ophthalmologists specialize in:

  • Duane's syndrome—difficulty moving the eye fully because of abnormal nerve connections that supply the muscles of the eyes.
  • Brown’s syndrome—difficulty looking up due to an eye muscle disorder.  
  • Mobius syndrome—a loss of nerve impulses to eye and face muscles.
  • Third nerve palsy—inability to move the eyes normally and possibly to lift the eyelids due nerve weakness in the eye muscles.
  • Fourth nerve palsy—inability to look down due to weakness in the eye muscle nerves.
  • Sixth nerve palsy—difficulty moving the eye sideways or outwardly due to nerve weakness.
  • Thyroid eye disease—inability to move the eyes normally secondary to tightness of the muscles 

Why Choose Columbia?

Our aim is to make sure that you or your child can see and look as best as possible, and to stop more vision problems from developing in the future. Sight is one of our more precious and delicate senses—and one that we should never take for granted—and here at Columbia, we never do.


Strabismus surgery is not performed inside the eyeball, but on the surface of the eye. It usually leaves no visible scarring, making this an effective, minimally invasive, and highly successful treatment.