Strabismus (Adult)

About Adult Strabismus

Since strabismus can develop even in adults, Columbia's pediatric ophthalmologists are highly specialized in treating strabismus at every age. In strabismus, the eyes appeared crossed or misaligned and it can lead to permanent vision problems.. The sudden appearance of strabismus in an adult, especially with double vision, could indicate a more serious neurologic disorder. Adults may develop strabismus in several conditions including (among other causes):

  • Eye or blood vessel damage
  • Eye or brain tumor
  • Graves' disease
  • Stroke
  • Various muscle and nerve disorders 

Treatments We Offer 

Adults can benefit from some of the same treatments that are available to children, and our pediatric ophthalmologist strabismus specialists happen to be experts in adult strabismus conditions and treatments as well. Treatment options may include:

  • Prismatic glasses
  • Specialized exercises to regain the coordination of both eyes (fusional exercises)
  • Surgery

Upwards of 80 percent of adult patients undergoing strabismus surgery can be successfully treated with just one surgical procedure. In addition, adult strabismus surgery carries a relatively low risk with serious complications being rare. After surgery, there is usually some minor discomfort and blurred vision in the eye for at least a few days. The eye may be sore, swollen, and irritated until the sutures dissolve. 

Why Choose Columbia?

At Columbia, we provide world-class strabismus care for children and adults. Patients across the globe come to us for the most difficult and complicated strabismus problems. We have the resources of the Harkness Eye Institute and one of the top hospitals in the world—NewYork-Presbyterian. Our doctors are experienced in treating many serious eye conditions, as well as patients with other medical problems.