Ocular Oncology

About Ocular Oncology

Nothing may be scarier than learning that your child has cancer. Although it is usually rare, ocular cancer can occur in kids. It's critical that your child sees an experienced and compassionate eye cancer specialist who can accurately diagnose and coordinate your child’s care.

Conditions We Treat

At Columbia, our cancer care is world-renowned. We have the experience, cutting-edge research, and innovative techniques to make sure your child’s eye cancer is diagnosed accurately and treated effectively, comprehensively, and compassionately. Eye cancers that we treat include:

Treatments We Offer

At Columbia, we offer many treatment options to make sure we get rid of your cancer and that it never returns. These treatments include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy coordinated by our cancer care specialists to make sure your child gets an individualized treatment plan.

Why Choose Columbia?

Columbia offers the most advanced treatment for all types of ocular cancers. We will be with you and your child from the moment the cancer is diagnosed, throughout the treatment and recovery and follow-ups as needed along the way.