Congenital Eye Malformations

About Congenital Malformations

Problems with your child’s eyes can start before they are born. Although these conditions are relatively rare, Columbia ophthalmologists are specialists at detecting, managing, and treating all different types of congenital eye abnormalities.

Some babies can be born with malformations of any part of the eye, or underdeveloped optic nerves. Helping the infant see as clearly as possible is the goal, but we know that these conditions can affect the whole family. Therefore, our multidisciplinary team approach is centered on helping the family, not just the patient, cope with the visual issues, and understand the problems and the preferred treatment plan. We are all in this together.


An eye examination can detect most congenital malformations conditions. If necessary, the child may require further diagnosing tests, such as an MRI, CT scan or ultrasounds.

Treatments We Offer

Treatment focuses on maximizing visual potential often with glasses and patching. We can refer our young patients to our expert ophthalmic surgeons and our team of subspecialists who can assess treatment. Genetic counseling can also be provided if necessary. At Columbia, we believe it is critical that families understand their children’s eye condition, visual potential, and long-term prognosis or possible progression of the disease. 

Why Choose Columbia?

If your child has a congenital eye malformation, you should not have to face this on your own. At Columbia, we have the resources, experience, and compassionate care that your child and whole family will need at this difficult and heartbreaking time.