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Privacy & Security

Why can't I just use email to communicate with my doctor?

Standard email does not meet state and federal guidelines established to protect your privacy. It is not secure, the messages are not encrypted (to prevent anyone from intercepting or reading them), nor is standard email password protected.

Additionally, many consumers use their employer-sponsored email systems. Emails sent using an employer-sponsored email system are owned by the employer, which poses a security risk if you use employer-sponsored email for communicating with your physician.

Your communications with us are too important to risk a potential security breach using standard email.

You will, however, receive notifications in your regular email account when you have received a message from us through the myColumbiaDoctors portal. The email will contain a link that will allow you to access your secure message from our practice (after you log in to our service).

Will my health information be kept private and secure?

With myColumbiaDoctors, you can feel confident in the privacy and security of your health information. The technology behind myColumbiaDoctors meets privacy standards established by federal and state authorities. Information shared by you through myColumbiaDoctors will be governed by the same privacy standards covering information shared by you in your doctor’s office.

Why do you ask for access to my Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Live, or Cerner accounts? 

The login methods provided (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, and Cerner) are solely for the purpose of authenticating your myColumbiaDoctors account. No medical information will pass from myColumbiaDoctors to any third service used for authentication. Choosing to employ one of these methods may be simpler since you will be logging in with a user name and password that you already have. You also have the option to create an FMH account solely for use with the myColumbiaDoctors system.