ColumbiaDoctors has a long tradition of excellence in the field of anesthesiology. Our board-certified anesthesiologists have all received extensive training in anesthesiology. In all aspects of anesthesia and pain management, we treat the whole person and emphasize a patient’s full recovery, as well as reducing pain and distress.  

Every year, we administer anesthesia to more than 50,000 patients, and this volume continues to increase. We provide inpatient care at several of the hospital locations of NewYork-Presbyterian, a national leader in patient care and the top ranked hospital in the New York metro area. 

We believe that the responsibility for anesthetic management encompasses patient care throughout their hospital, and outpatient experience and our anesthesiologists practice both within the operating room and outside it. ColumbiaDoctors anesthesiologists direct the Surgical, Cardiothoracic and the Heart Hospital Intensive Care Units, the Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship Program, and Post Anesthesia Care Units. We work in other offsite areas such as the cardiac catheterization laboratory, MRI, endoscopy, endovascular, neurovascular, and other radiologic areas. 

In the operating room setting, each surgical subspecialty operating room is staffed by highly specialized anesthesia faculty who concentrate their clinical time, research, and expertise in a specific area. As a result, our patients receive anesthetic care from clinicians who have extensive experience with the type of procedure they are undergoing, and who work regularly with the surgeons and proceduralists involved with their case. 

Our goal is to provide the highest level of patient comfort and affording the greatest opportunity for timely rehabilitation and recovery from surgery. We take an intensive approach to identifying and treating perioperative pain, often times even before it arises. Our acute perioperative pain team consists of physician specialists and a specialist nurse practitioner working together with the ultimate goals of minimizing pain, reducing the side effects of medication, and creating the most comfortable experience for surgical patients. We use state-of-the-art strategies to lessen pain, often utilizing procedures such as peripheral nerve blocks and epidural catheters along with a combination of medications and close patient interaction.

We also have a dedicated team of anesthesiologists with expertise in the management of chronic pain, who provide state-of-the-art clinical expertise spanning medical, behavioral, and surgical disciplines in our highly regarded Pain Medicine Center. Experts in our Pediatric Pain Medicine program also provide state-of-the-art care for a young population of patients with a variety of acute and chronic pain syndromes

Our goals are to alleviate pain and suffering in the patient and to help the patient and the family resume living a healthy and productive life, as soon as possible.