Vocal Fold Bowing (Presbylarynges)

Vocal fold bowing is a condition that happens when the muscles of the vocals cords shrink (atrophy) and curve inward, usually as a normal part of aging. This bowing and atrophy can also occur when you have a paralyzed vocal fold.

Symptoms of Vocal Fold Bowing

A person with vocal fold bowing will most often have a weak, somewhat breathy voice. The severity of voice change can vary depending on the extent of the bowing and atrophy.

Causes of Vocal Fold Bowing

While vocal fold bowing is typically caused by age, in rare cases it could result from nerve damage.

Diagnosing Vocal Fold Bowing

Our team will discuss your symptoms and medical history. We will perform a thorough head and neck examination. Vocal fold bowing is usually diagnosed with a laryngoscopy.

Treatments for Vocal Fold Bowing

Vocal fold bowing and presbylarynges can often be successfully treated by a voice therapy program designed to re-strengthen and re-balance the laryngeal musculature.

In the most severe cases, or for people who do not benefit from voice therapy, there are a few surgical options that are available to help the vocal folds close, which will improve voice quality.

Why Choose Columbia

Our specialized team will work with you to make a quick, accurate diagnosis and begin an effective treatment plan. Our evaluation will include an exam with state-of-the-art diagnostics to see the vocal folds and find the root cause of your vocal fold bowing. Once we understand the problem, treatment will include a combination of therapies provided by our experts.