Voice, Swallowing & Breathing Disorders

Dr. Pittman talking to a patient

Voice, Swallowing & Breathing Disorders

Center for Voice and Swallowing

If you’re experiencing a change in your voice, difficulty swallowing, trouble breathing, or a sore throat, you may need specialized ENT care. At the Center for Voice and Swallowing, our skilled team has extensive training and experience in the evaluation and treatment of these disorders.

We understand the anxiety that can come with a voice disorder and know that it can be hard to get a proper diagnosis. At our center, we not only listen to your voice, but we also listen to your individual needs and goals. Working closely with you, we use the newest diagnostic techniques along with state-of-the-art treatments to provide the best possible all-around care.

Conditions We Treat

Our team has extensive expertise in the treatment of:

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Voice, Swallowing, and Breathing Disorders

Many conditions can be treated with non-invasive procedures, while others require minor outpatient surgery or a larger operation. At the Center for Voice and Swallowing, we choose the least invasive treatment that will work for you. Michael Pitman, MD, Chief of the Division of Laryngology is a pioneer in the development of innovative surgical procedures, including laser treatment of vocal fold leukoplakia, electrical stimulation treatment for spasmodic dysphonia, and temporalis fascia transplant for vocal fold scar and sulcus vocalis. Hayley Born, MD, also offers extensive in-office interventions for voice, airway, and swallowing such as biopsies, dilations, and laser treatments. These and other minimally invasive procedures can be performed while you are awake in the office, greatly reducing your recovery time and risk of infection. Dr. Born also specializes in complex operative treatment for airway injury and reconstruction.