Enhanced Protection for Eggs and Embryos

Columbia University Fertility Center has developed and launched a first-of-its kind technology that provides additional protection for tanks storing embryos and eggs. The technology provides patients with greater peace of mind knowing that their biologic material is being stored safely and monitored as carefully as possible.

A team at Columbia University Fertility Center developed and validated an entirely new approach to monitoring the embryo and egg storage tanks. The team developed a system to continuously monitor the weights of storage tanks and send an email and text alert if an anomaly is detected. Once the temperature of the storage tanks begins to rise and reveals a storage malfunction, it may be too late to preserve the biologic material inside. By monitoring the weight of the tanks, however, it is instantly clear if any liquid nitrogen is escaping and the issue can be addressed immediately, before the eggs or embryos are affected by a temperature fluctuation.

All tanks storing biologic materials at Columbia University Fertility Center are now being monitored with this new system to track the amount of liquid nitrogen present in the tanks, as well as with the traditional temperature monitoring.