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Adult Services

ColumbiaDoctors Tarrytown

When you need specialty care, you want the best: the most advanced testing, the latest treatments, and comprehensive, compassionate care from leading experts. And you want it close to home.

At ColumbiaDoctors Tarrytown, we offer a wide range of adult specialties at one convenient location. We offer care for:

Why Choose ColumbiaDoctors Tarrytown?

Your time is valuable. And finding the right health care relationship can be a challenge. You may need to see multiple specialists, or you may need diagnostic imaging and rehab services as part of your care.

At ColumbiaDoctors Tarrytown, we offer all these services at one modern facility. And you will be confident that you are working with the same amazing Columbia experts—right here in Tarrytown.

Columbia Virtual Visits

For some visits, you can skip the commute and see your doctor from the comfort of your own home. We offer telehealth appointments through Columbia Virtual Visits, our online telehealth platform. You will get the same level of expert care that you expect from Columbia.

Telehealth may not be the right choice for your specific health concern. Ask if a Virtual Visit is an option for you when you call to make your appointment.