Pre-Pregnancy Genetics Program

Columbia University Fertility Center

The Pre-Pregnancy Genetics Program at Columbia University Fertility Center brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialists to help couples have a healthy child without the risk for severe genetic diseases. By combining the most advanced approaches in genetics and reproductive medicine, couples can safely and effectively conceive with almost no risk of having a child affected by common or rare genetic diseases.

Experts in genetics and reproductive medicine work closely with the couple to develop an individualized treatment plan. Eggs and sperm from the couple are then combined in our lab. The resulting embryos are tested for the specific disease(s) and a healthy embryo is then placed in the uterus. 

Now, with Columbia University Fertility Center’s Pre-Pregnancy Genetics Program, couples no longer have to face the agonizing choice of having an ill child, terminating a pregnancy, or not having another child. Instead, they can proceed with the comfort and security of knowing that that their next pregnancy will be free of the disease.