About Us

Our Mission

To be the leading international center for innovative clinical care of eye disorders, to advance medical knowledge through cutting-edge research, and to train the leaders of tomorrow in ophthalmology and vision science.

Clinical Innovation and Excellence

Our goal is to cultivate faculty members who are known as "the final authority" in their subspecialty of ophthalmology, and to develop the Eye Institute as a regional and international center of excellence for treatment of vision disorders. The entire faculty combines experts in the frontiers of clinical research and actively investigating new treatments. The entire staff maintains the highest degree of professionalism and humanism.

Research Discoveries

We combine new innovative young scientists with world class leaders in vision research to promote discoveries that impact patient care. We select individuals who have interest in working with the clinical faculty to find applications for research that may help understand or treat vision disorders. The department's research faculty is also encouraged to develop collaborations with scientists in other departments to initiate vision research projects both within and outside the Columbia community.

Educate the Leaders of Tomorrow in Ophthalmology

The next generation of ophthalmologists must be trained to excel in the science of ophthalmology and the values of being a physician. Patients are to be treated as people rather than as a disease process, with compassion and concern. At Columbia, we pride ourselves in developing the leaders for tomorrow. Residents develop good habits to continue the learning process throughout their careers and to teach others. Outstanding continuing medical education programs for ophthalmologists (both faculty, and community ophthalmologists) are available to enhance skills and knowledge.

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