Ophthalmic Oncology

Smiling patient wearing eye glasses and sitting in a chair

Ophthalmic Oncology

Cancer in and around the eye requires ophthalmic oncology specialists who can provide advanced, comprehensive, and compassionate care. At Columbia, our physicians have access to the latest technologies and groundbreaking clinical trials. As a recognized center of excellence for rare and complex cancers, Columbia’s caring physicians deliver the highest level of treatment while engaging in rigorous research for cures for certain types of eye cancers.

Our ophthalmic oncology specialists collaborate with cornea, retina, uveitis, glaucoma, plastics and neuro-ophthalmology and other specialty practices throughout the Columbia Medical Center to provide unparalleled specialized, comprehensive cutting-edge treatment of all types of tumors in and around the eye. Procedures range from simple biopsies to complex intraocular tumor resection and many others, including laser, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Why Choose Columbia?

Columbia offers the most advanced treatment for all types of ocular cancers. We will be with you and your family from the moment the cancer is diagnosed and supervise and coordinate your treatment with our specialists throughout the Columbia University Irving Medical Center. And we will stay with you during your road to recovery and follow-ups as needed along the way.