International Patient Information

The unique expertise and experience of our renowned ophthalmologists attracts patients from all over the world to seek their medical and surgical care with us. However, coordinating these services and working through the financial issues can be challenging from afar.

Here at Columbia, our International Services Office can assist you with sorting out the administrative and financial issues. Services and information offered by the International Services Office include:

  • General information about medical services.
  • Arrangement of a medical review, if necessary.
  • Providing a comprehensive financial cost estimate for all anticipated clinical services both the physicians and the hospital.
  • Coordination of payment for both the physicians and the hospital.
  • Coordination of financial clearance.
  • Providing letters to embassies, consulates, or other government agencies to assist with obtaining a travel visa or any other purpose.

For more information, please call 212-305-4900 or visit NewYork-Presbyterian International Services.