Penile Implant Program

Penile implants are an option for men with erectile dysfunction that doesn’t respond to standard treatments. These implants are now commonplace—hundreds of thousands of men all over the US have had the procedure. Here at Columbia Urology, our specialists are experts in all aspects of this surgery—we perform hundreds of these procedures every year.

Procedure Overview

Either implant type can be placed through very small openings on the pelvis, penis, or scrotum without any scars.

Implant Types

Implants come in two types:

  • Inflatable devices that are made of balloons and tubes filled with sterile water
  • Bendable devices that have no mechanical components to them

Either device can be “activated” when the patient wants to have sex.


These procedures are simple and straightforward. Patients can expect to go home the same day in the overwhelming majority of cases.


The risks of these procedures are minimal, and surgeons at Columbia have been involved in research efforts to minimize the associated risks like infection.

High Satisfaction

These devices can be expected to work for years, and patients are very satisfied with these devices in most cases; 90% of men in research studies answered yes to either recommending this procedure to a friend or doing it again themselves if given the choice.

The Penile Implant Program at Columbia

Let us help you figure out if this procedure is right for you. As part of our Multidisciplinary Men’s Health Program at Columbia, we will make sure that you are as healthy as can be prior to undergoing this procedure. By getting you healthy first, you will be in the best position to resume your sex life after surgery.

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