Infertility Diagnosis for Men and Women

If you and your partner are having trouble in your attempt to have a baby, you are not alone. Although most couples are able to achieve conception (pregnancy) at one year, about 15% are unable to do so. Some cases of infertility are due to a factor involving the female partner, but 20% are caused solely by a male factor, and 30% to 40% more cases involve factors in both partners—so a male factor is present in at least half of infertile couples. Too often the male partner in an infertile couple is not evaluated by an urologist until late in the process.

Our Approach to Treating Male and Female Infertility

It is vital that the physicians evaluating the male and female partners in a couple have a strong connection with each other and communicate well. Columbia Urology at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital works together with the Center for Women's Reproductive Care (CWRC) to deliver unparalleled care. We are specially trained in basic to advanced procedures and can help you choose an approach that is appropriate for you. Clinic appointments and procedures for both partners can be scheduled at the CWRC. And if your partner has yet to be evaluated by a gynecologist or reproductive endocrinologists, we can help arrange an evaluation for her.

Urologists initially evaluate the male partner of an infertile couple with a detailed history and physical examination. We may also perform a hormone profile and semen analysis. These tests need not be done before your appointment with us, but if you have had any prior tests, bring the results to your initial consultation.