Patient Care

At the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, we live for the day we can offer a cure for diabetes. Until then, we’re here for our patients and their families with our own Berrie Center brand of care. Combining a welcoming atmosphere with the newest treatments and groundbreaking research, our clinical program serves thousands of adults and children with diabetes throughout New York City and beyond.

The Berrie Center approach brings together a multidisciplinary group of specialists—endocrinologists, diabetes educators, nutritionists, and an art therapist—all focused on customizing the best possible care for each patient. We invite our patients and their loved ones to partner with our team in the treatment process. We’ve found that having family and friends come to appointments and work with us helps our patients handle the challenges they face in managing their diabetes.

Our Diabetes Programs

Whether our patients are 5 or 75, the Berrie Center offers a personalized approach to diabetes management.

Our Clinical Team

You hear a lot these days about how little time a physician spends with a patient. We turn that model inside out. The Berrie Center team takes the time to get to know our patients and individualize their care, which translates into much better diabetes control.

Meet Our Team