The Columbia University Department of Ophthalmology has been a leader in corneal surgery and research. In fact, Columbia’s Dr. Barraquer performed the first corneal transplant in the United States. The department is always researching ways to improve surgical precision and technologies of refractive and corneal surgery such as corneal collagen cross-linking with our patients’ safety and well-being a top priority.

In the laboratory, physicians and scientists are working together to understand and develop treatments for diseases of the cornea such as keratoconus, keratectasia and Fuchs’ dystrophy. At the Harness Eye Institute, our faculty conduct rigorous patient screening and post-surgical evaluation, lead national clinical trials, certify other physicians in refractive surgery techniques and work with industry specialists in the application and development of new technology.

We invite you to learn more about the research our faculty is conducting in cornea/external disease.

Clinical Trials at Columbia

To learn more about clinical trials for ophthalmology at Columbia, visit the Department of Ophthalmology at VP&S.

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