Conjunctival Tumors

About Conjunctival Tumors

Conjunctival tumors are cancers on the eye’s outer surface and are usually noticeable and therefore often caught and then treated early. There are three main types:

  • Squamous Cell Carcinomas – A reddish or white spot on the eye’s surface can be flat or raised. It can spread and affect vision and even the sinuses.
  • Malignant Melanomas – Can begin as a pigment or freckle on the eye. 
  • Lymphoma of the Conjunctiva – This has a pink-colored lesion on the eye’s surface, usually hiding under the eyelid.


Columbia Ophthalmic Oncologist will conduct a thorough examination using imaging techniques such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) and ultrasound to help determine if you have cancer. Sometimes a CT scan or MRI may be needed. Biopsies of the tissue may also be performed.

Treatments We Offer

Many conjunctival tumors can be cured with topical anti-cancer eye drops. Surgery is also a treatment option for removing and freezing the cancer by using cryotherapy for the cancerous tissue. In some cases, radiation will be used.

Why Choose Columbia?

Columbia ocular oncologists are world-renowned specialists who have the resources of the Columbia University Irving Medical Center at their disposal. Our team approach to treating your eye cancer will ensure you receive proper diagnosis and the most advanced care.