Tumors of the Iris

About Tumors of the Iris

The iris is the colored part of the eye and helps control the amount of light that enters the eye. Tumors of the iris can grow in and behind the iris, and although most are not malignant or the kind that spread throughout the body, malignant iris tumors can occur and need to be taken care of.


Tumors of the iris can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam with a Columbia ophthalmologist who will use a slit-lamp instrument and high-frequency ultrasound to measure and keep a baseline of the size of the tumor for future reference. Follow-up appointments will be needed so we can make sure the tumor is not growing.

Treatments We Offer

If the tumor of the iris does start to grow, Columbia ophthalmic surgeons will surgically remove it. If the tumor is too large, radiation plaque therapy may be needed instead.

Why Choose Columbia?

Columbia ophthalmic oncologists are experts in diagnosing and treating tumors of the iris. They may have other eye cancers with years of experience and the most compassionate and comprehensive treatments at our disposal.