Reconstructive Bladder Surgery (Neobladder)

If the bladder must be removed, we perform reconstructive surgery to create an alternative way to store and remove urine. Columbia Urology has been at the forefront in reconstructive techniques for patients after radical cystectomy. Surgeons here create a new bladder (neobladder) in appropriate patients from a portion of the small intestine and attach it to the urethra, enabling both men and women to urinate in a more normal manner after bladder removal. Complication rates for neobladder creation at Columbia Urology are among the lowest reported.

If we cannot create a neobladder we create an internal bladder called a continent cutaneous reservoir that is connected to an opening in the abdomen. Patients can drain this reservoir several times a day using a catheter. Another alternative is an ileal conduit, which drains continuously through an external bag.