​Gynecologic Cancer Care

At New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center (NYP/CUIMC), we provide gynecologic oncology care that covers the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for women with gynecologic cancers, including tumors of the ovary, uterus, cervix, vulva, vagina and gestational trophoblastic disease.  We also treat pre-cancerous abnormalities and complex gynecologic diseases. Our surgeons collaborate closely with medical and radiation oncologists to customize the most appropriate plan of therapy for each patient’s particular treatment needs.  Our physicians are members of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC), which facilitates interdisciplinary research that can be translated into clinical practice. Our focus is to provide innovative and compassionate care to patients in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the globe.

What makes gynecologic cancer care at Columbia unique?

The goal of treatment is to provide therapy that is maximally effective at eradicating cancer, while preserving function, appearance and quality of life. We are deeply committed to providing our patients with comprehensive personal care, from diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation and survivorship. We know that your health is important and we are pleased to offer same day appointments to care for you as quickly as possible.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

We are a multidisciplinary team that includes world-renowned gynecologic oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and genetic counselors as well as many other specialized providers. In order to deliver truly comprehensive care, our team members meet regularly to discuss patients' care and progress. We are committed to bringing the best of novel therapeutic options to our patients, including phase I clinical trials, immunotherapies and intensity-modulated radiation therapy, among others. We are also dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients and their families and offer access to a wide array of support groups and specialty services, including integrative therapies, personal counseling, nutritional services, and acupuncture.

Care Before Cancer Develops

We offer specialized care for women with a genetic predisposition to cancer through the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program which brings together experts in hereditary cancers across specialties, cutting-edge genomic testing and clinical trials.

We also offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of pre-invasive abnormalities of the cervix, vagina and vulva. Through the New York Center for Lower Genital Tract Diseases, our team provides complete diagnostic and therapeutic management including innovative treatment modalities and several trials to treat these conditions.

Precision Medicine Initiative for Gynecologic Cancers

We develop tailored, personalized treatment strategies for women with gynecologic cancers based on specific genetic abnormalities within their cancers. This initiative involves genetic counseling, testing and sequencing patients’ tumors for mutations and selecting therapies that target those mutations which drive cancer growth.

Advanced Pelvic Surgery

For women with complex surgical issues, we integrate pre-operative, perioperative and post-operative care. Our highly-trained team of surgical experts are able to offer patients advanced techniques and approaches including minimally-invasive surgery, robotic-assisted procedures, fertility preservation and intra-operative radiation therapy. We collaborate with urology, surgical oncology, plastic surgery, general surgery, colorectal surgery and radiation oncology as needed to optimize outcomes for our patients. We offer advanced surgical care for metastatic and recurrent cancer, fistula repair, abnormal placentation and complex benign gynecological issues.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

Our faculty members are internationally-recognized and funded investigators who provide access to a broad range of cutting-edge research including population health, clinical trials of novel treatments and experimental therapeutic options across each disease site. We also have several ongoing studies utilizing blood and tissue samples to further understand the biology of cancer and mechanisms of drug resistance. 

Our Providers