Specialty Services for Gynecologic Cancer Care

For our patients, we offer access to a wide array of support groups and specialty services, including integrative therapies, personal counseling, nutritional services, and acupuncture.


Nutritional counseling and therapy is extremely important in helping patients meet their individual nutrition needs. Our nutritionists offer medical nutrition therapy to support patients, even when therapy may reduce appetite, cause weight loss or gain, or alter smells and tastes. These visits can occur virtually.

To make an appointment for nutrition counseling, ask your provider to place a referral in EPIC.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists use a variety of techniques to help patients move better, relieve pain, restore function, and prevent disability after treatment. The goal is to enhance your wellness and quality of life.

To make an appointment with a physical therapist, please call 212-305-7680.

Lymphedema Therapy

For women affected by lymphedema (a build-up of lymphatic fluid) related to their treatment, we offer access to specially-trained therapists, personalized therapy, and education.

To make an appointment for lymphedema therapy, please call 212-305-7680 (Harkness Pavilion) or 212-305-8401 (Vanderbilt Clinic).

Social Work

Our social workers help patients and families understand and cope with medical, psychological, and social issues related to their illness. They are dedicated to assisting patients navigate the services, counseling, and support groups available at our center.

To make an appointment with a social worker, please call 646-317-2270.

Psychiatry / Psychology

Our mental health specialists are dedicated to meeting with patients to develop skills that will build resilience, manage the stress and anxiety of a new diagnosis and treatment, and improve communication and interpersonal relationship functioning.

To make an appointment with a mental health specialist, please call 212-305-6001 and select option #1.


For women concerned about the effects of their surgical or medical treatment on their fertility and plans for a family, we partner with Columbia University Fertility Center. Their reproductive endocrinology specialists offer a wide variety of assisted reproductive technologies and advanced procedures to address each patient’s unique goals.

To make an appointment with a fertility specialist, please call 646-756-8294.

Pain Management/Palliative Care

The palliative care services works with patients to manage the pain, symptoms, and stress of their diagnosis. This team of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and chaplains are dedicated to individualizing support and aligning treatments with the values and health care goals of each patient.

To make an appointment for pain management, please ask your provider to place a referral.

Integrative Health and Wellbeing

To complement medical care, our patients have access to comprehensive integrative health services including acupuncture, massage therapy, mind-body therapies, Reiki, yoga, and educational seminars.

For more information on integrative health and wellbeing, please call 646-697-9355