Meet the Team

Our Center is led by Dr. Daichi Shimbo, a preventive cardiologist, and Dr. Ian Kronish, a general internist, and Dr. Jai Radhakrishnan, a nephrologist, who are leaders in the field of hypertension research and practice. They help coordinate a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians with expertise in cardiology, nephrology, neurology, and primary care.

Photo of Columbia's Hypertension Center Directors

Daichi Shimbo, MD, Ian M. Kronish, MD, and Jai Radhakrishnan, MD, Hypertension Center Co-Directors

Our team offers advanced diagnostic testing including state-of-the-art and accurate clinic blood pressure measurement, out-of-clinic blood pressure measuring including 24-hour ambulatory and home blood pressure monitoring, vascular function assessment (pulse wave analysis), and biochemical profiling. We also have a shared approach to hypertension treatment that is personalized to each patient, with options for medication and lifestyle approaches to lowering blood pressure.

We also partner with the ColumbiaDoctors Adrenal Center, the Mothers Center (a center in OB-GYN) and Pediatric Nephrology. Patients under our care can be assured that all their hypertension needs can be managed at one medical center by some of the finest clinicians in the country.

Our Team